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The Mancoya Bay Light

(70cm x 50cm Oil) August 2019

If you don’t use it…you lose it.

This is the first painting I’ve finished properly since April.

One previous painting is still unfinished and another, for the first time, has been binned.

When I see something I really want to paint and when my enthusiasm returns, I hope to restart my hobby and regain some of the enjoyment.


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(40cm x 70cm Oil) September 2019

I think some of my painting ‘mojo’ is coming back.

Browsing around the internet I lighted on this picture and knew that this might be a painting I could re-light my interest.


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Gota Fria

Sept 2019

(60cm x 40cm Oil) December 2019

The Gota Fria (literally Cold Drop) of September 2019 was the worst for over 100 years.  The rains were instant and heavy with river banks breached, repaired and breached again over a three day period.  Such was the sight of the Almoradi side of the Segura River when the massively bloated river burst through to flood the town a second time.

The emergency services reacted to the point of heroism and total fatigue.

We applaud their efforts.


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Painted during the ‘Lockdown’ at the time of the Corona Virus, it wasn’t meant to be a metaphorical depiction of the time but it, sort of, fits.

The virus swirling around, indiscriminately crashing into anything and everything. It has no target.

It just is.

The beam of light is what we were all looking for.  A glimmer of hope that all this will, one day, be over.

The Storm and The Light

(100cm x 50cm Oil) April 2020


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Snowy River

(50cm x 40cm Oil) May 2020

This painting is a nod to the inspiration afforded to me, and to many other amateurs around the world, by Bob Ross and his ‘The Joy of Painting’ series on TV.

Years ago I used to watch his show as he showed us how easy it was to just pick up a brush and paint.

I didn’t really try to follow his example until I had retired and thought the time was free, the decks were clear and the wish to, at least, try had no more excuses.

My painting is one typical of Bob Ross’s many paintings; the snow-capped mountain, the trees dusted with snow and a river with a couple of mini waterfalls for good measure.

Thanks Bob - for the journey through painting and the encounters with those ‘happy accidents’


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The Rest

(60cm x 30cm Oil) June 2020

The title suggests a couple of things.

1. The Bird is resting on the post.

2. ‘The Rest’ of the birds.


from my viewpoint it’s a rest from the more complicated paintings and allowing the brushes themselves to rest and take an easy jog across the canvas.



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(30cm x 60cm Oil) June 2020

A hark back to my formative musical years.

Before she went solo, Dusty Springfield was a member of The Springfields, a light pop-come-country-come-folk group.  One of their songs was ‘Island of Dreams’ and it was then that I first heard Dusty’s voice.  Different from any other.  A strong, soulful voice that somehow seemed restrained by the format of the songs The Springfields sang.

Then she went solo and the voice was heard in a number of hits.

The story goes that, not hearing her voice as she wanted it on one particular song, she recorded and re-recorded it in the studio.  Still not convinced with the sound of her vocals she took a break from recording and stood in a stair-well of the building arguing with the studio manager that the sound was wrong.  In that moment she heard her voice echoing in that stairwell.  That was the sound.  She had her microphone placed there and re-recorded her vocals.

‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’ became and world-wide hit and became her signature song.  

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