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King Charles III

(50cm x 60cm Oil)  November 2022

Like many artists before me the lure of the grandeur of the Monarchy is compelling.

The initial attraction for me was the regalia. The shining stars, the glistening medals, the plaited gold cords, the glint of the scabbard.

And on top of it all…

The new King.


Painting Number


(50cm x 40cm Oil)  January 2023

Following the very strict painting regime I followed to paint ‘King Charles III’, I threw paint at the canvas for the sheer excitement of depicting Tina Turner giving her audience the raw, both-barrels force of nature that she is.

Quietly spoken off-stage, she somehow pushes down the plunger and explodes onto her stage to instantly thrill her fans.

They’ve been waiting for a show tonight and, by every measure of her strength, she’s going to give them one.



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(50cm x 40cm Oil)  March 2023

‘The King of The Jungle’


when his food kill is stolen by a bunch of Hyenas with much stronger jaws.

when he is injured so badly that his pride desert him.

a younger male challenges his leadership and he loses, and he is forced to leave the pride.

The Lion’s reign can be very short and cruelly ended.



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Dutch Woman Knitting (2023)

(40cm x 50cm Oil)  April 2023

I saw this in a magazine article about the present day lives of the Dutch.

The picture looked more like 1850 rather than 2023, but 2023 it was.  Traditional crafts living on in an era of rapid technological advances.

Not a computer, mobile phone or laptop in sight.

Just a lady knitting quietly, sitting close to the doorway for the light.  


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Woodstone Wood

(50cm x 40cm Oil)  July 2023

Sometimes I just want to get it finished.

In the middle of painting this one I needed a surgical operation which laid me up for a time.

When I returned to the canvas I felt I’d lost my way somewhat, in that my initial burst of enthusiasm had evaporated and I was left with half a ‘thing’ which needed to be completed.

Little by little, a few minutes here and there it got finished.

I’m not excusing the painting, more I’m excusing me and allowing me to cut off the tangle and move on to a new, fresh start.


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Kiotari Wildfire

(100cm x 50cm Oil) August 2023

The TV news was covering the wildfires spreading across southern Europe in the summer of 2023.

I wasn’t totally concentrating on the commentary until the name ‘Kiotari’ was mentioned.

Kiotari, a town on the south-east coast of Rhodes, is my favourite holiday destination and I was stunned to see the wildfires spreading through the trees on the hills upove the town.


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River Phoenix

(40cm x 50cm Oil)  November 2023

By 1993 River Phoenix had become something of a rising star in Hollywood.

Films like Stand By Me, The Mosquito Coast and My Own Private Idaho had catapulted the young actor to star status and a number of film projects were lined up for him.

And then…

On the 31st October 1993 he died of a cocaine and heroin overdose on the pavement outside the Viper Room club in West Hollywood.

He was 23.