The Blue Boy

(40cm x 50cm Oil R) February 2022

(after Thomas Gainsborough 1770)

A news item in January of 2021 reported that Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy would be on view in The National Gallery for five months.

The challenge here was the silk suit with all its folds and wrinkles, the gold threading, the almost abstract background and finally the balance of the stance. (His left arm is balanced by the hat.  The head is balanced by the white stocking).

It was a painting I found hard to leave each day (just one more spot of paint, just one more correction).

And then the realisation that it was done.

It was a pleasure.

Now leave it alone and move on.  


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Angie Harmon

(40cm x 50cm Oil R) March 2022

Probably best known as Detective Rizzoli in the US TV Series ‘Rizzoli and Isles’.

I caught an episode of it one lazy day and was taken by her beautiful yet strong presence.

I think I did her justice.


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The Hay Wain

(60cm x 40cm Oil R) April 2022

(after John Constable)

I’ve looked at this painting so many times.  It’s a scene of life long gone.

The calmness of a world of simple industry.  

It was also, to me, as of a gauntlet smacked across my empty canvas.

It was only when I accepted the challenge did I find that the task was more complex than I had at first thought.

But it was also a painting that drew me to it each day.  The early torment turned into a pleasure, until it was done.

Steve McQueen

(40cm x 50cm Oil)  June 2022

Steve McQueen = ‘BULLITT’

A car chase sequence that lasted just ten minutes on screen and was filmed over fifty years ago is still the go to moment when remembering Steve McQueen.

That film alone secured his title ‘King of Cool’.

Steve McQueen died at the age of just fifty and yet his legacy as ‘King of Cool’ lives on over forty years after his death.


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Tenby (South Wales)

(60cm x 40cm Oil R) August 2022

On moving through a friends apartment on the way to the terrace I noticed a photograph on the wall that I seemed to recognise.  My friend told me that it was taken overlooking the Welsh town of Tenby.  It had changed quite a bit since I had last spent some time there.  In fact it was my last holiday in the UK, it having rained heavily and continually for almost all of my stay.  Still Tenby held a fondness for me as, over the years, I’d spent many happy holidays there.

I thought I’d make a little nostalgia trip and commit it to canvas.  A bit fiddly and a bit post-cardy but it seems to work.


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Two Ladies

(40cm x 30cm Oil)  November 2022

This painting was a gift to the daughter of the lady on the right from the son of the lady on the left.

I don’t normally paint for other people but as they were good friends of mine I had no hesitation.

The ‘unveiling’ was a nerve-racking moment as, although the son had highly approved of the likenesses, it was to be a gift to his wife.

Thankfully it was much appreciated and I could breathe again.

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