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Painting Number

Woodland Trails

(50cm x 40cm Oil) July 2021

Wanted to try and get a woodland scene with the trees slowly disappearing into the morning sunrise.

The shafts of sunlight added to the drama of the scene.


Painting Number

Moises Arias

(40cm x 50cm Oil) August 2021

Just a face that I needed to paint.

So I did.

Couldn’t wait to start each day painting this one.

Needed to get that look he’s giving.

Happy it worked out so well.

(Coincidence; This is painting number 57.  His parents are Columbian.  The international dialling for Columbia is +57)


Painting Number

Grand Canal (Venice) at Sunset

(60cm x 40cm Oil R) September 2021

There are paintings you should sometimes stay away from.  They’ve been done by the pros.  Many times.

But it’s good for your evaluation of your skill level when you can produce a fair attempt at a classic scene.

First of all I enjoyed painting this one and that’s part of the attraction of a hobby; you enjoy it.

I’ve produced something that can hang, unashamedly, on a wall and be appreciated.  It works as it is.

My selection of subjects is getting ‘rangy’ again.  I’m losing the fear to attempt the ‘new’.


Painting Number

Charles Bronson

(60cm x 30cm Oil R) October 2021

Charles Bronson taken from the Sergio Leone film ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’.

In the long shoot-out scene Bronson remains silent whilst director Leone moves the camera into extreme close-up picking out every detail of his face; particularly Bronson’s steely stare.  



Painting Number

Lantern and 3 Fruits

(40cm x 50cm Oil R) October 2021

During a short stay in Benidorm, on the walls of the restaurant of the hotel were a number of paintings.

One in particular caught my eye, to the point where I took time to examine it close up.  It had a strange composition, almost natural but not quite.

On the last day I took a picture of it and thought that it would be a good instructional painting.  I hadn’t done a ‘still life’ and this would fill the gap in my work.

I took massive artists licence with this, down to the point where the title is (almost) a lie.


Painting Number

Morning Showers

(50cm x 40cm Oil) December 2021

A sort of sister painting to Woodland Trails (56).  

It’s a nice easy subject which is a form of therapy for me in that it relaxes me and allows me to fall into the comforting arms of nature.

The freedom of just painting what I want, seeing nature where I decide to place it.  And just as important; keeping a canvas on the easel and the brushes wet.

I discovered, to my cost, that if you don’t use it - you lose it.

(The spider got soaked!)


Painting Number

Nadiya Hussain

(40cm x 50cm Oil R) January 2022

I remember seeing Nadiya Hussain when see won the Great British Bake Off in 2015.  

I wasn’t an avid watcher of the show but watched as a timid little girl surprised herself by actually winning.

She has beautiful eyes and a winning smile.

Most photos of her show off these attributes to great effect.  Over and over again.  The same smile, the same glint of cheekiness in her eyes.

The I came across a side-on view.

Quietly elegant and confident.

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