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Robert Sheehan

(40cm x 50cm Oil) October 2020

This is Irish-born actor Robert Sheehan.

Although he has many acting credits to his name I first remember seeing him in ‘MisFits’.

His piercing green eyes and classical looks lends his talents to classical parts.


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The Wall

(40cm x 30cm Oil) October 2020

The Wall.

The Poster.

The Air-conditioner.


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La Valle Italiana

(60cm x 40cm Oil) November 2020

Just a sweet little painting.

The hills and valleys, the site of a small farmstead out in the middle of nowhere in the Italian landscape.

The patchwork of fields.

The trees.

The centuries long decay of the mountains.

The peace.  The quiet.


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The Obelisk 8am

(50cm x 40cm Oil) December 2020

This obelisk stands high on a hill overlooking the River Avon, just outside Stratford-upon-Avon.

One of my adventures as a child was to climb the hill to the Obelisk and sit and look over the miles of countryside I could see from the vantage point.


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The Obelisk

(50cm x 40cm Oil) January 2021

The small painting above went haywire on me as I added trees in the foreground.  So much so that I re-painted the whole thing again, this time leaving the trees out.

(Painting No 51)

But I did like the idea of seeing the obelisk through the trees, so I repainted the offended trees.


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Mi Lugar al Sol

(40cm x 50cm Oil) February 2021

Literally ‘My Place in the Sun’.

My current home in Spain is flooded with sunshine most of the year.

With a choice of three balconies and a garden terrace to relax on, I’m spoilt for choice.


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One Wing. One Prayer

(40cm x 50cm Oil) May 2021

Glancing from my window one day I spotted this Kestrel ‘facing off’ one of the local cats.  Neither was moving but both were ready for conflict.

I tapped on the window in an attempt to scare either one of them off but they were fixed in combat mode.

I went to the garden and with some stamping of feet manager to scare the cat off.  Much to his disgust I’m sure.

The bird just stood there and then I noticed it’s wing was at an odd angle.  He’d either hit something of something had hit him.  As I approached he flew, at low level, around the garden.  He couldn’t get height for his escape.

I managed to get him up into the trees and out of immediate cat danger but in the blink of an eye I lost him from sight in the density of the leaves.  I looked for a time but couldn’t spot him.  For a time I called him ‘Schrödingers Kestrel with the unknown of did he get away or not.

A few days later I was chatting with my neighbour about the Kestrel and, much to my relief, he said they he had spotted the kestral in a nearby tree and had called the Spanish version of the RSPB.  They had rescued it and from all accounts the bird would be released shortly after some TLC and recuperation.  

That encounter led to the painting.

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(40cm x 60cm Oil R) June 2021

It was one of those moments in time when the moon presented itself as much larger than normal in the night sky.

This brilliant globe of light sat low over the sea’s horizon.

Sometimes inspiration comes from nowhere, this time it came from a news item of that moment in time.

An extract from a Neil Diamond Song was brought to mind when I saw the final painting…

“They have sweated beneath the same sun,

Looked up in wonder at the same moon,

And wept when it was all done,

For being done too soon,

For being done….”

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