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my place in the sun


Starting in May 2016 my paintings began with a number of tasks; could I paint a cloud, the sea, a beach, plants etc.

I’ve tried to vary the subjects just to see what suits me.  Landscapes, seascapes, people, animals.  I seem to be leaning towards famous people.  These really have to be right.  

The paintings that are dry have now received their first varnishing and they really ‘pop’ with the gloss finish.  You can’t see it on this website but mounted on a wall they are really lifted by the process. Happy with the results so far.

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Alicante Airport





When I moved to Spain in 2015 I bought a small apartment which would allow me time to see if Spain was for me.

Now, with my place established in the area of Algorfa I’ve moved to a 3-bedroom house with front and side gardens in Castillo de Montemar, opposite La Finca Golf Resort.

Space to move, a room I can use as my studio/office and a garden for, what I hope to add to my home…a dog (called ‘Wolf’ ?)

The place is a little ‘tired’, but structurally sound, and the fix-up is well within my capabilities and should take only a few weeks. I’ll post pictures of the progress of my work on the property…can’t wait to get my hands dirty on the project.



CV 935

CV 920

La Finca

Golf Course